Luxury houses for sale in Pattaya, Thailand a superb property investment opportunity.
Mike Orchid Villas II homes have excellent rental income and capital growth prospects.

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Houses in Pattaya - an Overview

All Moo Baan have aspects that you see and others that you don't see. Houses are a living space and an investment commodity. You will see bargains, and you will see some expensive homes. In the end you get only what you pay for. This applies in every country but more so here in Pattaya.
I have been living in Thailand for a number of years and can assure you that if you ever have to be aware - be very aware here! Sure you will go into a Moo Baan down the road and see a house that appears to offer a great value but I urge you strongly to take a very close look at the whole package.

What is the whole package?

The house and the estate is the whole package. And that is specifically the construction methods, the standard of materials, the compliance with western standards of electric circuitry and impedance, the ease of indoor/outdoor living, the standard of finish, attention to detail and then the estate itself.
The biggest complaint foreigners have about living in Asia is the cramped living conditions; the common ratio between the communal area and private plots is 1/8! Mike Orchid Villas II comes with a generous ratio of 1/4!
Next you need to consider the supply of drinking water, the system of sewage and waste and rainwater disposal, the quality of road and infrastructure construction, the community amenities and their standard, the visible and actual level of security provided, the level of aesthetics provided by landscaping, color selection and use of open space, quality of maintenance, and last but most critical is the level of warranty that goes with the houses and the long term management service to ensure you have a real investment and not a salesman investment.
These are all things that create value in a property and give you confidence that your investment is secure and will yield a return.

Houses in Mike Orchid Villas II in Detail

The Developer
Unlike many developers in Pattaya this village is developed by the Mike Group of Companies - a family run company based firmly here in Pattaya for more than 25 years. Other corporate activities include: the initial and still one of the biggest shopping center for Pattaya - the Mike Shopping Mall, Mike Department Store with Mike Hotel on Beach Road, two other high rise hotels in Soi 4 - the Mike Beach Resort and the Mike Orchid Resort, Smile Court, Michael Inn and Mike's Place Hotel at Sukhumvit Soi 3 in Bangkok.
The guiding hand and Chief Executive Officer of the Mike Group is Khun Surat Mekavarakul. Khun Surat has held the executive position of almost every commercial and tourist organization in the town. The Mekavarakul family is well liked and highly respected for its financial success, high moral and family standards and pursuit of community excellence.
When you buy with the Mike Group of Companies you are buying into long term commitment and into a standard of excellence. Your home will be secured, managed and guaranteed by the bricks and mortar of the Mike Group of Companies.
The Mike Group of Companies stands by its products!

Construction Methods and Standard of Materials
At Mike Orchid Villas II there are no shortcomings on quality of materials and workmanship. Walls are 25% thicker than the normal. Small red quality brick is used rather than large cement composite brick giving greater strength and longer life. Concrete floor, balcony and driveway areas are wet cured so that there is no or very minimal cracking in years to come. Roadways are 15 cm thick concrete with reinforced 6 mm steel rods. All house bearers are 20/16/12 mm steel reinforced and the cement mix is to western standard. Pitched roof is with steel frame and cross bracing to withstand wind speed convention. Tiles are double skinned for long life and strength. Insulation is standard in all roofs. Windows are powder coated aluminum for long life usage. Glass is 5 mm 'safety glass'. Doors are solid seasoned timber. Bathroom tiles are non-slip.
We invite you to check and compare our houses for 'square-ness'.

Electrical Installation
In Thailand the on-going fear is fire and electrical shock through poor or non existent grounding, and incorrect wiring or undersized current wire. Not at Mike Orchid Villas II! All houses are earthed with a copper cable to a copper spike 2 meters long into wet soil away from the house. They are not earthed under the house or to a steel spike which, in both cases, within a short time becomes ineffective and therefore a safety hazard and potentially fatal. Wiring is color coded for safety and ease of repair. Cable size is matched to capacity of current carried as per western standards. All wires are fed through steel or PVC conduit to protect against rodent activity and potential danger. Home owners are protected by circuit breaker fuse box. Further, TV cable and telephone lines are not wired into the electrical main box - a potentially fatal but common practice in Thailand. Your home is safe both now and in the future.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces
The tropical climate in Pattaya and a comfortable lifestyle demands open plan living with large windows and door spaces for air circulation. At Mike Orchid Villas II all house designs feature a generous living/dining/kitchen area with open access to outdoor entertaining areas. Bedrooms are 20% larger than most other designs elsewhere and bathrooms are built with 'wet and dry' areas for safety. Window openings are larger than other homes on offer to allow air flow through and lift the light inside. Kitchens are recognized as part of the living space and not relegated to the 'hidden back'. Kitchen inclusions are western standard as is the design and finish. All different homes offer various fit out options from entry level to the top of the range.
Mike Orchid Villas II homes are designed with outdoor living in mind. Provision is made for outdoor pergolas and BBQ facilities. Should a private swimming pool be included, the living spaces are designed to flow towards the pool.

Standard of Finish
At Mike Orchid Villas II we pride ourselves on the quality of our finish and attention to detail. Marble floors are standard inclusions in all single storey homes while in our 2 storey dwellings the upstairs is finished in stained timber parquetry. Our workmanship is of the highest order and longevity is guaranteed. Since our floors are extra reinforced no shifting, cracking and lifting will occur.

All basic construction is guaranteed for 5 years!

And you will receive a 26 weeks of maintenance free of charge!

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