Luxury houses for sale in Pattaya, Thailand a superb property investment opportunity.
Mike Orchid Villas II homes have excellent rental income and capital growth prospects.

30 Reasons to buy a home at Mike Orchid Villas II Village Plan    Prices    Back
  1. Every home is built to international standards (ISO), insuring 100% quality for your safety and comfort.
  2. Our estate is built on the highest ground in the surrounding area, allowing a cooling breeze.
  3. Floor plans provide easy indoor and outdoor living. Perfect for a tropical lifestyle.
  4. Only top graded cement used to construct with.
  5. All walls red-brick with cement rendering for strength and long life.
  6. Extra strong beams and columns from high quality cement.
  7. Wet cured concrete for a non-cracking finish.
  8. Double skin 'Terra Tiles' for roof construction.
  9. High raked roofs to clear water quickly.
  10. Insulated roof and high ceilings designed to maintain coolness in the summer.
  11. Timber 'Shield' paint used on all surfaces for long life and non-fade.
  12. Generous power points, cable and telephone outlets throughout your home.
  13. Automatic fuse breakers in the switch box for your safety.
  14. Grease trap in every kitchen for correct disposal and hygiene.
  15. Pest control system - able to pump fluid in at any time to keep your home pest free forever.
  16. Wet and dry areas in bathrooms for safety and ease of maintenance.
  17. Granite vanity tops in bathrooms which make them long lasting and stain free.
  18. Long lasting American Standard bathroom fittings.
  19. Aluminum windows and doors powder-coated for durability and long life.
  20. 5 mm thick strong sunscreen glass.
  21. Stainless steel hand rails for safety and appearance. (Iyares and Natasha).
  22. Highly visible but aesthetic security fences for each house.
  23. Washed-out concrete carports.
  24. Stylish clubhouse and swimming pool for your enjoyment and relaxation.
  25. Decorative roadside planting to giving our estate the look and feel of qualified elegance.
  26. A 220 m water tank for an unlimited water supply.
  27. Water and sewerage underground disposal system built to direct waste away from estate to town mains, meaning no sewerage tank to maintain.
  28. Estate management is backed by the strength and good management procedures of the Mike Group of Companies.
  29. Affordable maintenance fees.
  30. The construction standard of each home and the long term viability of the estate are guaranteed by the Mike Group of Companies, Pattaya's most trusted and well known company.

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